Design and Implementation of Exhibition Stand for Posidonia 2018

MAZE MEDIA undertook the design and implementation of Hellenic’s Chamber of Shipping Exhibition Stand for Posidonia 2018.

The design was inspired by the ship’s sails in white and navy-blue colors. The main brand communicated was MARITIME HELLAS Navigate the Greek Cluster (maritimehellas.org), a brand and website which aims to include members of all sectors of Greek Shipping and the Maritime Community, as well all related fields, in order to display, promote and enhance openness in all sectors of the wider Greek Maritime economy and the wider “sea family".

MARITIME HELLAS Navigate the Greek Cluster, consists of 7 main categories (with 106 subcategories) that cover every Greek maritime sector and were illustrated in 7 lighted pillars.

Visitors, among them significant political and business personas, were welcomed by 3rd year students from AEN Hydra’s in their marine uniform. 


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